Thursday, June 15, 2017

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{Great Opportunities for Investors. Invest your money before the Fiat looses its Colour}

☀ We Facilitate Pvt Funding

ROI 4-10% Tenure : 5-10 yrs (Funds from India & from Abroad )

    We are working with various financial firms, from across the globe. Presently we have our best offers from a reputed International Funding Agency.

The process :

Client sends a Summary of Project (250-300 words), along with your company profile. If your project seems to be workable, company sends you FAQ & DPR checklist. When you are ready with the DPR, followup starts for analyzing data. For prospective projects, company officials connect with you to make a contract. A contract is made between you and the facilitating company.

From our experience we hv come to know that client puts up file in various organizations, hence before proceeding further the client commits a NBOA*  to confirm his interest to accept funds. 
"Non Back Out Amount" (Fully Refundable if we fail to Perform in the time slot agreed upon)

The IFA issues Willingness
 Letter, and proceeds further to release funds.


We have great projects from reliable business houses with good turnover looking for expansion & new projects. Both in India & prime locations around the globe. My clients are seeking Finance / Investment on JV or Loan basis. Value of projects are :

1. Avg :  10,000 USD to 100,000 USD
2. Medium : 100,000 to 1 M USD
3. Good yield : 1 M to 10 M USD
4. High yield : 10 M to 50 M USD

Investors & financiers are invited to offer their best options

No chain of brokers
No upfront charges
Only direct or mandates 

Connect to grab the best business in Resorts, Mining, Minerals n Precious Stones, Solar, Impex and New Technology projects..

K Johnny Varghese


Call : +91-9953336420
Wsap : +91-9818638975

Or Mail to :

Note :

* Govt Tenders & Projects also available

* Petcoke / JP54 / Bitumen / Diesel
  We can connect You to merchants with direct allocation from refineries..

* Have Green Heart Hard Wood from Brazil, Teak from Burma & Oak Wood from Romania. Best offers avl. ..

*  Have opportunities in Movies (Bollywood) with Leading Star casts. Please free to inquire..

* Movie finance can be discussed..

* Have product sourcing services for buyers from anywhere

* We have Marketing Services for new products. Paid services, we don't entertain commission system ( After Job Pay ) inquiries..